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As a training organization since 2012, we offer to any public, individuals, professionals, children and early learning, a teaching according to your choice and your needs, in English, Italian, Arabic and French.

We work on your premises, at your home or directly at your place of work throughout the Grenoble area, in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, in Savoie and all over the world in e-learning.

For our adult and children listeners, we are present at our employees’ homes, socio-cultural centres, language associations and other training organisations.

For the awakening we animate directly within the nurseries and day-care centres, socio-cultural centres or at your home.

Contact us, in order to discuss your needs and define together your priorities that are best adapted to your level and your expectations.

Forma-Langues  is  ADULTS Training

Go for it !

Face to Face or distance Learning for Individual Courses

Group courses with our partners

E-Learning distance courses (webcam or telephone)

Intra-company/individual or group training courses at your work

Individual and/or group courses for exams’ preparation such as Bac, Bac Pro, Preparatory Classes, BTS, MASTER and certifications (Toefl, Toeic, Bulats).

Translations of documents

Resume writing 

Our learning methods 

Communicative – Active – interactive method

FACE TO FACE – Private Course

At your home or business               

Learning at your own place

Personalized support with custom module

 e-LEARNING  – Saving of Time



Flexibility of schedules according to your constraints
Faster and more efficient learning                                              



Exams Preparation

School and university assistance at all levels

Intensive training for diploma preparation and graduation and preparation for TOEFL, TOEIC 


Achievement of the objectives defined previously in the training programme

Improvement of oral fluency for language stays abroad

Ongoing evaluation to ensure progress and learning throughout the training course.


Any Business opportunities ?

Perfect your English according to your fields of activity and your business specificities.

Business Commercial – Technical – Legal – IT – Construction – Health – Music etc.

A business trip abroad?

Leave serenely and be ready to talk 



Consolidate your grammatical knowledge

Master your international business English

Gain ease and fluidity in understanding and communicating with your foreign contacts to increase your business opportunities.


Are you planning a trip abroad ?

No matter where you are going, English is in your pocket and communicate with the whole world ! is CHILDREN COURSES & EARLY LEARNING ACTIVITY

Pulling your child to the top 

Let’s give them a chance to speak the languages…


Courses for children of all ages and levels

Kindergarten to High School

School support to improve the level and take back the basics they haven’t acquired


Interactive Courses

To rekindle interest and restore the taste of the tongue

Private lessons, conversations based on role-playing games

Private tuition to prepare for specific Oral Exams

Bac Pro – BTS to make them more confident in exams

Animations et jeux

Initiation à la langue dès 18 mois 

Ateliers Thématiques

Ateliers Cuisine, Théâtre, Jeux, Chansons,  

Expression corporelle


Formatrice indépendante, plus de 12 années d’expérience auprès de mes auditeurs, toujours à l’écoute de leur besoin et à la recherche de nouvelles techniques d’apprentissage pour une progression réelle et efficace, garantie au rythme de chacun.

Nous font désormais confiance :

Échirolles Langues et Cultures Association

Centre Socio Culturel Varces

Centre Socio Culturel Malraux Jarrie

Crèche Les Petits Chaperons Rouges Grenoble/Eybens

Contacter Hanadi Forma-Langues pour réserver un cours

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